Reach customers from around the world, risk free.

With Bidali Payments you can increase sales by accepting cryptocurrency from anyone, anywhere.

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More ways to pay around the world.

Grow your business, go global, and boost conversions by allowing payment in digital currencies from every corner of the planet.

Reach More Customers.

Credit cards and other payment methods aren't usable in many places around the world. Start accepting payments with borderless cryptocurrencies and open up your business to an all new customer base.

Increase sales. Decrease fraud.

With lower fees than credit card and no chargebacks, what's not to love? Cryptocurrency payments are settled faster and cannot be faked due to the blockchain. This results in less risk to you as a merchant and better cashflow.

The most popular digital assets

Your business can accept the most popular digital currencies and stablecoins. We support many different currencies and are adding more all the time so that you can reach as many customers as possible.

Are We Missing Your Currency?

If you'd like to partner with us or think we should add a currency to the list let us know.

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The best way to pay on web and mobile.

Code it yourself, use our mobile app, or drop in our form that works out of the box.

Bidali Checkout

Use our drop-in form to start accepting various digital currencies on your website, online store or mobile app. Your customers can pay using any cryptocurrency wallet from anywhere in the world.

Bidali Commerce

If you have a mobile application or website you can quickly allow people to buy from other brands with cryptocurrency. This secure integration reduces the payment process to just a few taps and you get paid for every purchase.

Other ways to use Bidali.

No coding required.

Get up and running quickly with plugins for Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, and more.

Already running a store? We have integrations for some of the most popular platforms, with more to come.