Next generation payments.
Any where. Any time.

Bidali is the easiest and safest way to spend, accept, and store cryptocurrency.

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Unlock a global economy.

Risk free payments

Run your business from anywhere and accept borderless digital payments from every corner of the globe, without the risk of chargebacks or credit card fraud.

Instant settlement

No more waiting days or weeks to get your sales revenue. With our technology you can get your money in a fraction of the time.

Easy setup

Start accepting payments in minutes with our beautifully designed checkout SDK or our e-commerce plugins for all the most popular platforms.

Change the way you transact.

Near zero fees

Welcome to the future. Gone are the days of minimum balances and monthly fees. Send and receive money from anyone in the world at a fraction of the cost.

Own your money

This is the new decentralized economy. Now you can own and control your money. Authorize transactions with just a few taps. Only you own your private keys and you are in complete control of your finances.

Transact with confidence

Send, receive, swap and store your digital assets with confidence. Our secure mobile app lets you track your wealth over time and view any transaction with just a few taps.

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Developer Focused

Bidali is built for developers, by developers. We’ve built elegant tools, robust, scalable infrastructure, and simple APIs that eliminate the complexity of using multiple blockchain protocols. Now you can start interacting with various blockchains in just a few minutes.