About Bidali

We're creating the tools to power a safer, more inclusive global financial system.

At Bidali we’re re-imagining commerce. Using blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies we’re building a platform that gives power back to the people. Our platform allows people to transact on global scale in more open, secure, and efficient way.

What drives us

Everyone should have easy access to global capital markets, without high fees and repression.

We’ve experienced first hand that unfortunately this is not the case everywhere. In order to pay people around the world we’ve had to stitch together various services and pay absurd fees just to pay honest people for honest work. In many parts of the world obtaining a bank account or accessing their funds in a timely manner is impossible. This is excluding people from the global economy and preventing them from improving their life.

We believe that the ability to bank and transact is a fundamental human right. Without access to capital you are entirely isolated and unable to function in today’s society. The future of commerce will be a peer-2-peer decentralized environment where a select few no longer control access to capital.

The blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies lower the cost to transact and streamline the payment process by providing a secure, globally agreed upon settlement layer. We believe it’s this technology that is going to ensure banking becomes a human right and gives you more control over your own finances. We’re building the products that allow people to leverage this technology.

Our team

Collectively we've built dozens of products for startups to Fortune 100s. We ❤️ open source and built one of the world's most popular real-time Node.js web development frameworks, used all over the world.

Eric Kryski


Cory Smith


David Luecke




Based in Canada.
Built with love around the world.

Bidali is is a remote-first team that embraces decentralization. It’s in our fabric. Born out of necessity, we’ve come together to transform the way people transact around the world and without borders.

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