Bidali's CEO Named Head of CBC FinTech Committee & Leading an Industry Roundtable on digital-asset Regulation

Posted by Cory Smith on April 4th, 2020

Coming off our recent response to the Canadian Securities Administration (CSA) Staff Notice 21-327 Guidance regarding regulating digital-asset businesses, we have two important announcements to make:

1. Our CEO Becomes the Head of the CBC FinTech Committee

Our CEO, Eric Kryski, has been named the Chair of the newly formed Canadian Blockchain Consortium (CBC) FinTech Committee! Don't worry, he's not going anywhere with Bidali. In this new part-time role he will be working with blockchain businesses, lawyers and regulators from across Canada to share information on new developments and help provide guidance on regulations at the intersection of blockchain and finance.

If you wish to participate in the FinTech Committee you can submit your request here:

2. Eric is Leading a National Roundtable

It seems our joint letter with 4 other platforms to CSA staff did some good! They have agreed to meet with various digital-asset businesses to hear feedback as a first step to more open collaboration with industry! 🎉

Eric, as part of this new role with the CBC, will be leading this nationwide round-table on April 6th, between regulators and digital-asset industry members to discuss how we can collaborate and make progress towards creating a regulatory framework for digital-asset businesses in Canada, that can hopefully become and global standard. There will be more than 80 people in attendance across more than 60 different organizations. This is a huge step forward!

Stay tuned for updates here.

Keep on keeping on,

Cory & The Bidali Team