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Enjin and Bidali create the first blockchain gift cards

Bidali loves Enjin

As of today, we have added Enjin Coin (ENJ) as a payment method to our payments platform and our gift card service.

Now, any online merchant can utilize Bidali’s out-of-the-box online payment and accounting software to accept Enjin Coin with ease. Online retailers that accept ENJ through our payment gateway will also have the option to be paid out in local fiat currency, with their taxes and conversion rates calculated automatically.

We have been actively building relationships with blockchain companies, online retailers, and gaming companies across the world with the goal of bringing more attention to the benefits of cryptocurrency as a payment method, and supporting adoption of distributed ledger technologies. The gaming industry is one of the most natural adopters of cryptocurrency payments:

  • Many gamers are unable to acquire credit cards because they are under 18 or in countries where credit cards are expensive or hard to come by
  • People who game are already pretty tech savvy
  • Chargebacks are more common, especially for streamers where people can donate or pay for exposure with a popular gamer
  • Most importantly, they are already familiar with tokenization, digital assets and in game currencies

This is what makes what the Enjin team is doing very exciting! Their easy-to-use platform enables game developers to integrate blockchain technology into their games using pre-made, security audited smart contracts authored by the team that created the ERC-1155 standard.

They are a fast-moving team with an amazing community. We've been especially impressed with their ERC-1155 proposal. It is a great evolution within the Ethereum token specifications that we feel will undoubtedly increase adoption of blockchain within gaming. It may have even broader applications.

So, starting today, we are really excited to provide the Enjin community with an easy way to use their earned ENJ to pay for tangible goods and services and to help spread the word about the Enjin ecosystem! Holders of Enjin Coin are now also able to pay with ENJ on our online gift card store, where you can purchase a wide variety of gift cards from popular brands such as Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Game Stop, PlayStation, XBox and more than 100 other household names.

We are really excited about Bidali as a company. This ambitious team is creating a payment and accounting system that makes it very easy for any online business to accept crypto and receive fiat. For them to kick-start this process by offering gift cards that enable users to purchase goods directly from their favorite brands using Enjin Coin and other cryptocurrencies is a testament to their innovative approach.

-- Maxim Blagov, Enjin CEO

To celebrate the launch of ENJ on our payment platform, we are collaborating with the Enjin team and will be hosting a giveaway using Enjin Beam, a new scan-and-receive token delivery system. By scanning the QR code using the Enjin Wallet app, participants will instantly receive free limited edition ERC-1155 tokens worth a varying amount of ENJ. These tokenized assets will be sent to your Ethereum address and are yours to HODL forever or "melt" down into ENJ that you can spend.

Bidali Enjin Giveaway

The first 600 people to scan the QR will have a chance to win up to $50 USD worth of the world's first blockchain gift cards from a prize pool of 600 items backed by a total of more than 50,000 ENJ. To qualify all you need to do is head on over to our Buy giftcards with Enjin page and sign up for the contest mailing list (we promise we won't spam you). The QR code will be emailed to the list on Monday, December 17th at 2:00pm PST.

Stoked! 🙌

Eric & The Bidali Team

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