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Buying Gift Cards with Crypto

After lots of great feedback from our beta testers we're proud to officially open up the ability to buy gift cards with crypto to the general public. It's quite simply one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to spend your cryptocurrency at over 120 top brands like Uber, Apple, Walmart, Amazon and Nike from all over North America. 🙌

This is what it looks like:

Our mission at Bidali is to build tools for developers, and products for end users that make crypto easier to use, trade and spend. With the launch of our e-gift card site, we are enabling customers to realize their crypto value by buying high quality tangible things or experiences.

We currently support paying in Ethereum. However Bitcoin and Litecoin support are right around the corner, followed by other currencies and tokens. As we mentioned in our Beta launch blog post we're launching as a way to show off our payments technology and to give people an easy way to spend crypto at merchants that might not accept it directly.

If you're interested in accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment on your mobile app or website you can sign up here.


Eric & the Bidali team