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Bidali + Sagecoins - A Perfect Match

Bidali + Sagecoins

Hot on the heels of releasing our Commerce SDK, we're incredibly excited to announce a partnership with one of our first integration partners, and another great Canadian digital currency company, Sagecoins! 🇨🇦

By offering the options all in one place, this partnership makes the process of buying and using digital currencies more accessible and streamlined for Canadians. Users will now be able to purchase digital gift cards with digital currency on the Sagecoins platform with the support of Bidali's industry leading technology.

Gift cards will be purchasable with Bitcoin, Ether, and other forms of supported digital currency in the Sagecoins dashboard. This is a quick and easy way to spend digital currency at over 150 top brands around the world, such as Uber, Apple, Walmart, Best Buy, Microsoft, Amazon and Nike.

Bidali, Next Generation Payments

Based in Canada, Bidali is one of the first regulated crypto-payment processors in the world. With an emphasis on being regulatory compliant, support for over 55 different digital currencies and the ability to be paid out in cryptocurrency, stablecoin or fiat currency for less than PayPal or credit card, merchants can now accept secure digital payments around the world - enabling them to do business anywhere they can ship their products.

"We are really excited about how accessible Gabe and the Sagecoins team are making digital currencies for Canadians. Their platform is beautiful and they are very much aligned with our vision of how digital currencies gain mainstream adoption. This is a natural partnership!"

Eric Kryski, Bidali CEO

Sagecoins, Enabling Digital Currency Instantly

Sagecoins is a Canadian digital currency platform which is designed to get digital currency from exchanges directly to your wallet without a holding period in. The process of buying digital currency has been intimidating for many and been a hurdle to wider adoption. Sagecoins aims to help its users to buy digital currency easily by building a more user-centered environment.

Sagecoins currently provides access to all top digital currencies to Canadian residents. As Sagecoins grows the number of offerings will grow as well as the areas of the globe the platform services. The Sagecoins team is committed to safe, legal, and worry-free purchasing of digital currency.

"We believe no one should worry about their currency’s safety - traditional or digital. Purchasing digital currency in a safe way should be a simple and fast process. The partnership with Bidali is a natural fit as both companies are working toward a broader adoption of digital currency by making the experience more user friendly and trustworthy."

Gabriel Barcante, Sagecoins CEO

We are super excited to have taken this new product from concept to first live integration in a few short months. We're working really hard towards providing real utility for crypto. This is required for mass adoption and we can't wait for you to see what we have planned. 😉

Until next time,

Cory & The Bidali Team

Are You a Wallet, Exchange or News Site?

We have over a dozen integration partners already working on integrating the new Commerce SDK. If you would like to encourage real adoption of crypto and earn money for purchases made by your users give us a holler.

Do You Sell Things?

Bidali enables merchants to sell products and services to anyone in the world for a fraction of the cost - without chargebacks, tax headaches, high exchange fees, and volatility risk. Now your customer base is only limited to where you can ship. If you want to give your customers the option to pay using next generation payment methods you can sign up here.